Trailer Park on the Bay & Cottages Rules and Regulation 2024 Season


Please do not disturb your neighbours and do not damage the park property.


Occupancy: One family is allowed per site, consisting of 2 parents and 2 children under age of 18 ,  one car and, one pet, Additional children are subject to an additional fee. Children must not use the trailer on their own. No tents are permitted in the site. One car is allowed for each site. If  there is  second car there will be an additional charge and  it must be parked in visitor's parking. You cannot park your car(s) in other sites. A key to an occupant's trailer must be left in the office, in case of emergency.


Children: The occupant is responsible for the actions and safety of their children. Children must be on the occupant's site or under parental supervision after dark, and not loitering the grounds. The occupant will be held responsible for any damage or vandalism caused by their children or visitors. Children younger than 15 years old are not allowed on the docks  unless supervised by an adult.


Visitors: The following are considered as visitors; individuals, children 18 years or older, or married, or not living at home, grandchildren, and other relatives and friends. Occupants must make sure their visitors register at the park store upon arrival; otherwise the  fee will double and will become the responsibility of the occupant. Second car park on the site will cost the site holder $10 a day or night. Subletting is prohibited. An additional fee applies to visitors using an occupant’s trailer when the occupant is not present. Visitors must leave the park by 11.00 p.m. unless registered as overnight guests. Occupants are responsible for the action and safety of their visitors, and must acquaint them with rules and regulation. NO VISITOR'S PET ALLOWED IN THE PARK. NO VISITOR'S WATERCRAFT ( BOAT, SEA DOO, CANOE, KAYAK) ARE ALLOWED IN THE PARK. 


Visitor admission: Visitors must register before entering the park.  Children under the age of 10 are free of charge. The cost is $7 per person during the daytime (11.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m.) and $10 per person for overnight (11:00 p.m. to 11.00 a.m.). The visitor fee is $25 extra if the occupant is not present. A visitor who has a car must park it in the visitor's parking and cost will be $5 a day or night. The occupant may obtain a season's pass for one visitor (the same person) for $270 and a family pass for 2 parents and 2 children for $500 (children must be younger than 10 years old ) and parking will cost $140 for a season. (MAXIMUM 2 SEASON PASS PER SITE.  VISITORS CAN NOT ENTER THE GROUNDS AFTER 11:00 P.M. unless they are registered as overnight guests prior to the office closing time that day.


Pets:  One pet is welcome per  site as long as they are leashed at all the times, kept quiet, and are cleaned up after. No pets are allowed on the beach, in swimming area, or in the buildings. Do not walk your pets on your neighbour’s sites. An unleashed pet may be banned from park.


Cars, bikes, boats and boat trailers: One car is allowed on each sit, second car must be parked in visitors PAID  parking. No washing, no repair on cars, boats, sea-doos or PWCs are permitted on the site or property. No cars or bikes are allowed on beach area. Do not park cars at any roads. Utility trailers are not allowed in the park. Bicycles may not be used after sundown and bicycles must have lights if used after dark. No golf carts, ATVs or other off road vehicles are permitted in the park. Please obey all traffic signs.Stop on Sotp sign. The park speed limit is 7 km/h. speed in the bay 9km/h

No touring on the campground roads.


Boat dock: BOAT LONGER THAN 17 FEET AND WIDER THAN 7 FEET ARE NOT PERMITTED. Camper who have a boat dock included in their contract will be able to keep only one water craft in the boat slip and the trailer in parking lot.  . Camper who like to pull the water craft out of water after each use and park in parking lot will be charged $100 extra.


Grass: Occupants are responsible for keeping their grass cut and their site neat and clean. Anyone wishing to arrange for grass cutting can do so at the store. Neglected grass by an absentee occupant will be cut by management at the occupant’s cost ($12 each time cut). The park lawn mower can be used by campers for $4 each time for each site.


Garbage: Household garbage must be placed in  clear plastic bags, tied securely and deposited in the garbage bin. Sort and deposit recyclables and paper and cardboard in proper bins as shown on signs posted above the bins. Only wrappers and containers from treats are to be placed in garbage cans placed throughout the park. The occupant is responsible for the removal from the park of all their other refuse such as fridge, tires, scrap metal, wood, batteries, barbecues, bikes, etc. Yard waste and leaves collected must be taken to the city dump at Hwy 45 (Monk Rd.) west of Norland or another location.


Swimming: THERE IS NO LIFEGUARD on our beach, swimming at your own risk.  Children must be supervised by an adult. The beach is open from 8.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m. daily.


Septic System: Please help protect the septic system - sanitary napkins, tampons and diapers, j-cloths, paper towels, grease or other solids will not dissolve. Do not flush these down any toilet or drain in the park, including your toilet. Use only white 1 ply thickness toilet paper. All trailers must have a proper water reduced type toilet and a toilet waste holding tank to break down organic waste. A holding tank chemical treatment, certified by Environment Canada  must be used. These products can be bought in park store or you can buy it from another vender with proof of purchase. Trailers with house type toilet are not accepted in the park. Anyone causing damage to the septic system will be charged for the repairs. No power washing or watering grass or garden from Friday morning to Sunday night. Power wash can only be used by permission for 2 hours and cost will be $10 for each site. Mini pool over 3 feet is prohibited or will cost depends to the size .


Public Washrooms: are for your convenience, please help to keep them clean and neat.  Young children  are not allowed in the public washrooms unless accompanied by adults. And pets are not allowed in the public washrooms at any time.

Noise:  No loud music or excessive noise will be tolerated during quiet hours. Sunday to Thursday 11.30 p.m. to 8.00 a.m., Friday and Saturday 12.00 a.m. to 9.00 a.m., and Sunday (on a long weekend) 12.00 a.m. to 9.00a.m.

Your music should be low enough not to bother your neighbor.  Please respect these quiet hours. 





Water Speed: watercrafts (boats / sea-doos) speed on the bay area is only 9 KM/H.


Sites: All sites are TEMPORARY and cannot be used for permanent living. Only one sleeping unit is allowed per site. No boats, boat trailers, sea-doo, canoes, cargo trailers or PWCs are to be stored on sites throughout the summer season. No sheds, additions, platforms, tents, add-a-rooms, fences, etc. are to be erected or brought in without permission from management. Only metal or fiberglass sheds no larger than 8’x7’(depends to the site) are permitted in the park. Permission from management must be obtained before digging or making alterations to sites trailers - and house-type toilets will not be accepted in the park. Any tax assessments, permit fees, licence fees, or charges, resulting from shed, platforms, any permanent or temporary equipment, etc. - including trailers left on sites, or erected on the site, and any additional taxes or assessment on the site itself - will be the responsibility of the occupant camper. Campers who would like to keep their boat or canoe in the park during the closed season must arrange to do so with management. All boat trailers must be parked in the boat's trailer parking. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE SHORT CUTS THROUGH OTHER SITES.


Renewal: From (August 8 to August 31, 2023) Payment: DEPOSIT on an occupant's site is due August, 31, 2023. Interim payments are due February 10, 2024 and the final balance due is May 1, 2024 - post-dated cheques must be provided at renewal time.


DEPOSIT: If payments or balance have not been received by the due date, the occupant's site will be considered open for reassignment. There are no refunds on deposits and deposits and/or site payments are non-transferable and not refundable.





Firewood: Do not bring any firewood to the park, It can be purchased  from the park store. The maximum firewood kept in the site is 1/2 face cord. Fire must be kept away from trees and must be monitored by an adult. 


Insurance: All trailers, boats and sea-doo must be insured - please bring proof of insurance to attach to your contract.NO CONTRACTS WILL BE RENEWED WITHOUT  PROOF OF INSURANCE.


Additional note:  Camper who are willing to come a night or two before opening date are welcome at a cost of $50 / per night IF PARK IS READY TO OPEN. All trailers on the property when sold will be charged a fee of 7% on total package, a minimum charge of $300. All trailers must be sold through management. Management does not permit any competitive labour or service to be performed on its premises.


Trailer Park on The Bay assumes no responsibility to any person using the campsite or surrounding grounds for loss or injury to person or property, whether loss through fire, theft, collision, vandalism, or any other reason. This license is issued for use of the assigned campsite and campground facilities only. Campers must follow the above rules and regulations, and if they do not, Trailer Park on the Bay has the right to revoke this license and ask the camper to leave the park.The discounted rate would become void, and the camper would be charged the daily rate of $60 in addition to the non-refundable deposit from the opening day until departure. In the event that the license is terminated prior to opening day, or if camper is in default of payment, the camper will be charged a winter storage fee of $120 per week, in addition to the non-refundable deposit, and $60 a day storage fee from opening day until departure in either event. Trailer Park on the Bay reserves the right to remove a camper's trailer and goods to another location at camper's risk and expenses. Trailer Park on the Bay does not warrant that all facilities will be available at all times.